Silver Birch Music is a music collaborative and school based in New York City offering lessons in violin and viola. We are dedicated to offering a music education program to students from all walks of life, in addition to performing a diverse range of classical, contemporary and traditional music. Passionate about music education, we strive to engage and ignite musicians of all ages and abilities. Performing in venues from classrooms to concert halls, we are committed to bringing our music to audiences of all ages. Our mission is to secure a place for classical music in today’s world by seeking new ways to connect with and inspire our audiences through performance and education. For more information on violin and viola lessons, please email hilcas@gmail.com.


"Hilary is a truly special person, gifted violinist and exceptional teacher. Her fusion of technique and musicality combined with a nurturing personality make her a highly sought after teacher to students of all abilities. I've had the great privilege of working with Hilary for nearly five years and counting."

"Hilary did not simply teach me how to play the violin; she opened my eyes to a world where music became a universal language, where consistent practice blossomed into something amazing and taught me to truly love the violin and music."

"Miss Hilary is fun, loving and inspiring. She introduced me to my best friend, the violin. She also knows the best sticker stores."

"Thank you Hilary, for the gift of your teaching and for being a role model for my daughter. How fortunate we are to have a violin teacher that not only prepares Lauren for her recitals but for so much more of what life brings."

"Hilary is a force in the universe - a unicorn in teaching, performance and connection."